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The Promise

The Brand New Album from Marc

Listen     1. The Promise (Marc Roberts / Darren Holden)  

Listen     2. Everything I Ever Wanted (Marc Roberts / Charlie McGettigan) 

Listen     3. Chances (Marc Roberts) 

Listen     4. The Contender (Jimmy MacCarthy)

Listen     5. Don't Shoot At Me  (Richard Leigh)

Listen     6. Darkness Of The Night (Marc Roberts)

Listen     7. Old Habits Die Hard (Marc Roberts /Ben Mills)

Listen      8. The Bright Blue Rose (Jimmy MacCarthy) 

Listen     9. Crush On You (Marc Roberts / Daniel O'Donnell) 

Listen     10. The Word Goodbye (Marc Roberts )

Listen     11. Dust In The Storm (Mick Hanley)

Listen     12. Heartbeat Away (M. Roberts / Ger Fahy) 

Listen     13. Across The Miles  (M. Roberts / Eugene Kelly) 


Once In Your Life

The 3rd album from Marc >>>

Once In Your Life - Marc Roberts


Listen     1. Running Blind (Marc Roberts / Dom O'Driscoll)  Lyric

Listen     2. Don't let the sun get in your eyes (Marc Roberts) Lyric

Listen     3. For once in your life (Marc Roberts / Brian Kennedy) Lyric

Listen     4. Season's of the heart (John Denver)

Listen     5. Wildest Dreams (Eileen Laverty)

Listen     6. I can't stop thinking about you (Carole King / Paul Hipp)

Listen     7. Dance with the devil (Marc Roberts) Lyric

Listen      8. The greatest gift (Marc Roberts) Lyric

Listen     9. Just like you said I would (Marc Roberts / Chris Kelly) Lyric

Listen     10. Alabama Rain (Jim Croce)

Listen     11. Dreamin' my dreams (Allen Reynolds)

Listen     12. No more sleepless nights (M. Roberts / M. Bradfield) Lyric


Listen   1.   Meet Me Half Way (Marc Roberts) Lyric

Listen   2.   Without You (Marc Roberts / Des Sheerin) Lyric

Listen   3.  Shanghai Breezes (John Denver)

Listen   4.   Four Empty Walls (Marc Roberts) Lyric

Listen   5.   When I found You (Marc Roberts / Majella O'Donnell) Lyric

Listen   6.   On The Road (Marc Roberts) Lyric

Listen   7.   Daddy's Little Girl (Marc Roberts) Lyric

Listen   8.   Today (Randy Sparks)

Listen   9.   Letting Go (Marc Roberts / Don Collins) Lyric

Listen   10.  Once Upon A Time (Marc Roberts) Lyric

Listen   11. How Long (Marc Roberts) Lyric

Listen   12. Little Eva (Marc Roberts / Gerry O'Reilly) Lyric


 Meet Me Half Way

<<< Marc's 2nd album

Meet Me Half Way - Marc Roberts

Marc Roberts

The self titled debut album >>>

Marc Roberts

Listen   1.   The Wrong Reasons (W. Seal / R. Giles)

Listen   2.   To Be Loved By You (G. Burr / M. Reid)

Listen   3.    Babe (D. De Young)

Listen   4.   Mysterious Woman (J. Farry)

Listen   5.   Forever (Cross My Heart) (Marc Roberts) Lyric

Listen   6.    Consider It Done (Marc Roberts) Lyric

Listen   7.   I'll Be Over You (S. L. Lukather / R. Goodrum)

Listen   8.   Heaven Waits (Marc Roberts) Lyric

Listen   9.   Some People (Marc Roberts)

Listen   10. Long Time (Marc Roberts) Lyric

Listen   11. The Word Goodbye (Marc Roberts) Lyric

Listen   12. Four Empty Walls (Marc Roberts) Lyric

Listen   13. I Can Dream About You (D. Hartman)