Once Upon A Time

(M. Roberts)

I.M.R.O. / M.C.P.S.


I can still remember when I was twelve years old

The days were so much longer

the nights were never cold

I remember Granddad workin' in the fields

while Grandma worked inside the house preparing all the meals


The sun was always shining

Everyday a battle won

I had no cares or worries then

now I'm sad that they are gone



But that was once upon a time and oh so long ago

Now all I have are photographs and all I have to show

Are the lines upon my face

ploughed and scarred by time

And a treasure full of memories

still locked inside my mind


Now seasons come & go & change the way we are

The things we knew for certain

have drifted off so far

The ones we loved so dearly have now passed & gone

With the world upon our shoulders

we try to struggle on


But I learned by taking chances

and I’ll teach what I have learned

So my children & their children

will realise where they came from



As the journeys end gets nearer

And the light is getting dim

If I could start again tomorrow

I wouldn’t change a thing