When I Found You

(M. Roberts / M. O'Donnell)

I.M.R.O. / M.C.P.S.


How can I put into words?

The way you make me feel,

I guess I always knew from the first time.

It was meant to be,

A chance for you and me,

To show the whole world what we're feeling.

When I'm lying in your arms

I feel so safe & secure,

Like I'm the only one in the world.



Because you're everything I've lived for,

Somehow it feels so right.

You're the sunlight in the morning,

You're the stars above at night.

I want this day to last forever

I know it always will.

I thank God above

for making dreams come true,

Cos he gave me all I wished

when I found you.


You will always be my best friend

And I want to share,

Every breath that I'm taking.

You always make me smile,

With the stories you tell

No one could ever replace you.


Sometimes when I wake up.

I think its all been a dream.

But I can hear my soul

forever speak your name.


Repeat Chorus: