Dance with the Devil

(Marc Roberts)

I come home all tired and weary, worked all day like a slave

Had a fight with the boss who says I'm a loss & without me all the money he'd save

Then the car got a flat in the pouring rain, it took me two hours just to move it again

I never in my life want to spend another day like today

Now I'm home it can only get better, then I see the front door left ajar

She's standing there kicking and screaming, about what she found hid in the car

No it couldn't our son he's an angel, so the only other culprit is me

Then I recalled some advice that my daddy once related to me


I would climb all the highest mountains

Swim all the deepest seas

Sell buckets of snow to the Eskimos

Sell honey to the bumblebees

I'd fight any Sumo wrestler, leave him begging on the floor on his knees

And I'd rather dance with the devil than argue with a woman 'bout love

When the storm settled down to a silence, her tears finally got in the way

I told her her story was crazy, she should listen to what I had to say

The guys put it there to cause trouble; they had no other motive it seems

Then I sighed with relief that I didn't break her heart and come clean