On The Road

(M. Roberts)

I.M.R.O. / M.C.P.S.


Coast to coast and sea to sea

and every place in between

I have rode the roller coaster

following my dream

Melodies and unfinished words

of things I'm longing to say

Keep the clouds from hiding the sun away



On the road, going where my dreams

can find me

On the road, leaving all my past behind me

It doesn't matter where

I'll go where my dreams can find me

On the road me and my old guitar.


Traffic jam on a highway to hell

And not a green light in sight

The last station was two hours ago

It had an empty sign in lights

The sun is beating its melting the road

and all you feel is sand in your mouth

The radio’s playin’ a song you could do without


Chorus Repeat:


Facing a thousand faces or more

'bout as far as the eye can see

Tryin' to read between the lines

to set their spirits free

When the songs are over

they return to reality

Living their lives the same as you and me