Four Empty Walls

(Marc Roberts)
I.M.R.O. / M.C.P.S.


There’s a faded old picture that hangs on the wall

Its frame is clouded with dust

A sepia print of a lifetime spent

Surrounded by true love and trust


There’s a dirty old curtains that filters the light

And blinds a once familiar view

And an old rocking chair sits lonely and bare

Reminiscing the life it once knew



If the grandfather clock could turn back its hands

And change these cobwebs to ribbons and bands

The laughter the tears and the heartaches we still recall

We had all the love that we needed

In these four empty walls


In the field there’s a tree and around it we played

Now it’s just wasting away

But I can still see the names we engraved

Of the sweethearts we’d loved for a day


Now the lock on the door is rusted with time

It hides all the memories inside

And though nobody cares the fact it’s still there

Will always bring tears to my eyes