New single "The Promise" available now!!! 

Marc Roberts is back with his eagerly awaited new single “The Promise”, which he co-wrote with Darren Holden (High Kings).   It tells the story of Irish people being lured to “the promised land”.  They go with the promise of a better life & with the promise that one day they will return.  Sadly, all too often that promise is broken.  As in the past, not everyone managed to get work & would spend most of their time reminiscing about home.  This poignant song is at present topical because of the great efforts being made in America to give the “forgotten Irish” an identity.  This anthemic production accompanied by Marc’s astounding ability to relate a heartfelt story, is sure to capture the hearts of many!   “The Promise” is a song that displays the depth of Marc Roberts as a songwriter and there is no doubt it will become a firm favourite with his ever growing fan base.

“The Promise” is now available to download on iTunes  

Marc Roberts’ fourth studio album is due for release later in the Autumn.  It’s a collection of 13 songs including some self-penned, co-writes with Ben Mills (X-Factor finalist), Darren Holden (High Kings) & Charlie McGettigan & some covers. 

 Marc has firmly established himself as a songwriter & has found himself both lyrically & melodically.

The latest single from Marc Roberts, “The Promise” is now available to download on iTunes,

"The Promise" is now in all the radio stations & getting lots of airplay.  Please feel free to request it on your local station here in Ireland!!