Meet Me Half Way


Marc Roberts album 'Meet Me Half Way', is on release.    The album consists of twelve songs.  Ten original self-penned songs meticulously moulded with the confidence of a master craftsman.  Some co-written (see album credits), and one, which has received a considerable amount of media attention.  Why? Well Marc co-writes with international singing star Daniel O'Donnell who got married last year to his beautiful wife Majella.  And it was at one of these writing sessions that Majella in confidence said she would like to write a song for her future husband and surprise him by singing it to him on the day of their wedding.  The song called 'When I Found You' is a beautiful ballad, and has become on of the most requested songs on Irish radio.  It has also proven very popular at weddings. Last month Marc released 'On The Road' as a promo single to the radio stations & like it's predecessor it has become hugely popular with it's west coast American sound.  

On listening to the album, you can instantly hear echoes of all the other various artists that have influenced him and are now here creating the tapestry that is Marc Roberts.  People like James Taylor, Dan Fogelberg, David Gates & of course John Denver.  The only covers on this album are two that were recoded by John Denver. 'Shanghai Breezes', which he wrote and 'Today' which he recorded many years ago on a live album.  



Meet Me Half Way

Track Listing & Credits

  1. Meet Me Half Way (M. Roberts)

  2. Without You (M. Roberts / D. Sheerin)

  3. Shanghai Breezes (John Denver)

  4. Four Empty Walls (M. Roberts)

  5. When I Found You (M. Roberts / M. O'Donnell)

  6. On The Road (M. Roberts)

  7. Daddy's Little Girl (M. Roberts)

  8. Today (Randy Sparks)

  9. Letting Go (M. Roberts / D. Collins)

  10. Once Upon A Time (M. Roberts)

  11. How Long (M. Roberts)

  12. Little Eva (M. Roberts)

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Marc has for the first time co-produced, arranged and played on his own songs.  As a result you can hear the singer / songwriting intimacy that only comes from this marriage.  He recorded the album with various different friends of his, whose talents were important to achieve the end product.  Nine of the songs were done with Paul Gurney in his studio.  Paul is an accomplished musician and long time friend of Marcs.  He played piano on 'Mysterious Woman'  in the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest with Marc.  He's also musical director of Marc's critically acclaimed show 'A Tribute To Music Of John Denver'.  Three others were recorded with Des Sheerin & 'When I Found You' was done with Eugene Kelly.  

 If you'd like to own Marc's new album, all you have to do is send 20 including post & packing to:


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