Marc co-writes with Daniel O'Donnell in Tenerife


Marc has recently returned from Tenerife where he spent a couple of weeks with Daniel O'Donnell & his wife Majella in there home in Tenerife.  The purpose of the trip was to write for Daniel's next album.  While the guys have written a lot of songs together in the past, Daniel's next album will be written by himself & Marc for the most part.  The album will include some of the songs that Daniel's many fans have come to know from Marc's appearances with him on tour.   Some of them were written in Australia in 2004 when they toured together.  This is also a very exciting project for Marc & he's really looking forward to hearing the songs complete with production on the album. 


Putting the lyrics down on computer


Tenerife overlooking the island


Recording with Daniel in studio

L to R: Ray McLoughlin, John Ryan, Daniel, Marc, Phillip Begley, Billy Bergoyne & Kevin Sheerin