Marc returns as presenter on 'Opry an Ķuir 3'

Marc returns as TV presenter on 'Opry an Ķuir' for the third series with Daniel O'Donnell & Lynette Faye.  This will hit your television screens on TG4 in November & also on BBC 2.  Guests include Nathan Carter, Michael English, Philomena Begley, Mary Duff, Susan McCann, Declan Nerney, Brendan Quinn, Patrick Feeney, Lisa McHugh & John McNicholl.   Marc gives each star a helping hand as they prepare to perform a one off duet in Irish with a special guest.

Marc with Nathan Carter & Niamh McGlinchy

L to R > Daniel O'Donnell, Susan McCann, Philomena Begley, Mary Duff & Marc

L to R > Marc, Lisa McHugh, Ger Wolfe, Dianne Cannon, John McNicholl & Lynette Faye

L to R > Brendan Quinn, Gerry Guthrie, Patrick Feeney & Marc

L to R > Marc, Aoife Scott, Declan Nerney & Lynette Faye