Marc performs Denver in Denver, Colorado

Well after years of paying tribute to the music of John Denver, Marc got to perform it in his home state of Colorado.   Needless to say he was delighted when the invitation arrived to perform in Denver, Colorado.  Michelle Mulhaire, from Galway, who is a member of the group 'The Bridies', who were performing in Denver over the St. Patrick's festival, alerted the organisers to Marc & his website.    'The Bridies' are well established in a number of U.S. cities & both Marc & them were honoured with the invitation to be Grand Marshals at this years St. Patrick's Day parade on Saturday 13th March. 

It is one of the biggest parade's in the United States & was attended by approximately 250,000 people.  The main event,'The Green Tie Ball', was on the night of the parade.   Later that night Marc got to perform some of his own songs & the song's of John Denver to a capacity audience.   Numerous people there, it transpires, knew John, his family, played golf with him etc.  'The Bridies' finished off the night with a high energy performance.  Talks are underway at the moment, to make a return visit to sing in John Denver's home town of Aspen!! 

Check out the pictures below:

Marc Performing for the 1st time in Denver


Performing at the 'Green Tie Ball'

With 'The Bridies' 



Performing with 'The Bridies' onstage

Later in the night at the 'Green tie Ball'

With Michelle

with Michelle Mulhaire

Grand Marshall at the Saint Patrick's Day Parade

 Grand Marshall at the Saint Patrick's Day parade

Grand Marshall at the Saint Patrick's Day Parade


At the Rocky Mountain National Park

At the Rocky Mountain National Park

On top of the Rockies