Marc performs the music of John Denver in Aspen, Colorado

John Denver holds a special place in all our hearts & needless to say in his hometown of Aspen. Each year to honor his memory, John Denver's music & life is celebrated when various people from all over the world are invited to perform in Aspen.  Marc was honoured & thrilled to have been invited this year.  Singing Denver's music in the magical surroundings of Aspen, was just a dream come true.




Left: Jim Connors from John Denver's band. And, the man who wrote 'Grandma's Feather Bed!


Right: The legend that is Jim Horn. Jim played in John Denver's band for years & he was also a member of the famous 'Wrecking Crew' who played on all the greats albums...including Elvis, Sinatra. Just check out this link below from Wikipedia!!
with the organiser, Willie J. Hoever at the John Denver Sanctuary