Daddy’s Little Girl

(M. Roberts)

I.M.R.O. / M.C.P.S.


With tear filled eyes she

said goodbye to the country

And she watched till her daddy's face faded away

Eighteen and full of dreams

Of bright lights and limousines

So different from the world she'd left behind.


Now the city looked so big and so inviting

The land where hopes and dreams were realised

She called collect to say she's fine

And sure she'd call another time

But it never really put his mind at ease



Cos you see little girls don't stay little girls for long

They grow up and try to make it on their own

And he wanted her to know

No matter where she'd stay or go

She'd always be her daddy's little girl.


Work was hard & time it passed so quickly

Her hours alone were few & far between

One day she received a telegram

Please come home it’s your old man

He hasn’t got much time or so they say


With hand on heart she went back to the country

She couldn’t believe her eyes how much it changed

Her Dad was old & so in pain

But glad to see her face again

Reaching for her hand these words he said


Chorus :

Little girls don’t stay little girls for long

You grew up & now you’ve made it on your own

And when I’m dead & gone

I hope these words will make you strong

‘Cos you’ll always be your Daddy’s little girl

Yes you’ll always be your Daddy’s little girl